Mystical Magic Music

A unique blend of classic rock
Decades of club and stage experience between them, Ted and Rosemarie have teamed up to create a dynamic and unique live musical experience with fabulous harmonies and a fun repertoire, jam packed with classic acoustic rock. Performing songs by groups like The Who, The Kinks, The Moody Blues The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Talking Heads and U2. Etc. Both are talented vocalists and Ted plays acoustic guitar in a very special rhythmic percussive style. They are a wonderful pair of songwriters and definite crowdpleasers.
Ted is a musical force and a long time veteran on the New England music scene, primarily on the North Shore. His first band, Smuggler opened for Bon Jovi and his band Britannica was also very popular. Mystical Magic is his newest creative musical entity that was born when he first heard Rosemarie perform and witnessed her engaging stage presence.
Rosemarie has been lead vocalist for a few different rock bands and acoustic duos, most notably Rude Awakening and Small Talk. After she moved to NH from the North Shore in 1992 to raise her children, she chose to do only musicals and shows that kept her close to home.  Now they are grown and launching their own fascinating careers, she has returned to music in a serious way in this new project with Ted.
Rosemarie is also executive producer and host of the New Hampshire based TV show "Music Matters with Rosemarie"