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WildFire believes in putting on what some have described as a "concert".
WildFire is a 5-piece band that packs the power of a 10-piece.
The vocals and instrumentation are powerful and true to the artist's recording.
Let's just say hearing is believing.
Experiencing the sights and sounds of WildFire can not be expressed in any soundclip.
Seeing the band at a live performance is the only way to truly feel the energy and be part of the fun for which WildFire is renown.
The band covers everything from the powerhouses of rock such as AC/DC and Journey to the likes of R & B greats, to the hip shaking sounds of Shakira and Lady GaGa.
WildFire has been entertaining at some of the most reputable clubs in the New England area for over a decade.
WildFire can be found performing almost every weekend, whether it be delivering a performance for a large function or rocking out at your friendly club.
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